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"JJG ..." wrote:
> I read about your Afterburner attenuator. If you would, please elaborate
> on your product as compared to the THD and Powerbrake. I also read your
> info on the need for high/low pass filtering and amplitude equalizers
> when running a line from a speaker tap or dummy load to a separate power
> amp of mixer Does your product feature such equalization? If not, where
> can such things be purchased?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
>...feel free to email me for further details on the products.  I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have.  The Afterburner is still in the design phase as indicated on the website, but it is based on the attenuator and passive speaker-level cab sim currently used in my Invader amplifier.  I just have to come up with a nice-looking mechanical package to stick it in.  :)
>Randall Aiken

Twelve attenuator positions, -3dB increments, 0 to 30dB attenuation.
Load position for silent recording [or to form a power-tube saturation stage for a 3-stage amp-rig such as Guytron or Rail Rocket].
Presents a speaker-impedance load to the amp, or a resistive load.
Low impedance, transformer-balanced XLR output. Can run XLR Out to one mixer channel and blend with miked cab in another channel.
Can adjust stage volume using attenuator control, with constant XLR level for mixer.
Ground lift switch (to eliminate ground-loop hum).
Top-quality components.Magnetically shielded inductors, precision resistors, and Neutrik/Switchcraft connectors
Inputs: 1/4" unbalanced phone jack for input from tube power amp. 100W max.
Two 1/4" speaker jacks. Output impedance: 4, 8, or 16 ohms; matches input impedance. Selectable 4, 8, or 16 ohms.
Includes a speaker emulator with transformer-isolated balanced output. XLR balanced, line-level, speaker-emulating output (Pin 1: ground, Pin 2: +, Pin 3: -).100 ohms output impedance
Price TBD.Planned available February, 2001.


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