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Ampeg/Lee Jackson - VL-501, VL-502, VL-503, VL-1001, VL-1002

Amp head with built-in power attenuator. Attenuation is activated by a pushbutton. The Attenuation pot is continuously variable. There are load resistors on the PC board, in at least one of these models. The VL-502 has three transformers.

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posting: Schematics for Lee Jackson Amplifiers

>I have been gigging with a couple of Lee Jackson amplifiers, an XLS-1000 and an XLA-1000, and I am looking for schematics for them.

>I did contact Lee directly. He has a book being published that will contain the desired schematics, but I am too impatient to wait for it.

>Looking for:

XLS-500 (50W)
XLS-1000 (100W)
XLSC-1000 (100W combo)
XLA-500 (50W)
XLA-1000 (100W)

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