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AX84 - Rail Rocket

AX84 Rail Rocket DIY 3-stage amp circuit

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Uses Moonlight 1-watt tube power amp stage into load -- as distortion stage, like Guytron. An all-tube, modular amp that is intended to built in stages. Features power-tube distortion or clean tone at any volume. Reverb, tremelo, effects loop. Includes Stephen Delft's Moonlight Output Section as implemented by Carl Berger. (Around 30 Watts)

Encompasses some of the most desirable features from a variety of tube guitar amps, as well as some new features not commonly found in a conventional amp.

Rock amp built around 12ax7 preamp tubes and either 6L6 or EL34 power tubes for an output power of around 30 watts. Bass, Mid and Treble tone controls allow you to shape your sound. Alter the values of the components in the tone stack to tailor your sound.

Optional "Mid-Stage" Module provides cranked amp tone at any volume thanks to the Moonlight Power Stage located after the preamp. The Original Moonlight Amp (now an AX84 Project in its own right) has been very favorably reviewed as capturing an authentic cranked tone at less than one watt. Using the existing 6L6/EL34 output section of the Rail Rocket, this tone can be amplified to whatever volume you chose.

Optional Reverb Effect puts the Moonlight Mid-Stage to work driving a real reverb tank instead of a passive load for more authentic tone and plenty of reverb.

Optional Channel Switching allows you to set up two channels with different drive and reverb settings.

Optional Direct Outputs Capture the tone direct to PA or recorder.

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