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Fabio's DSP Realtime guitar software -- the real page is the FAQ:http://web.infinito.it/utenti/b/bizzetti/dsprt/faq.html


>DspRT is the answer to the need of a truly functional realtime DSP effects program for the PC. What inspired its creation and further development has been the consideration that rack/pedal effects are very expensive, even the cheapest of them: but often they don't own the processing power of e.g. an Athlon-K7 or PentiumII PC.. and they duplicate a lot of functionality (e.g. AD/DA converters, memory, control interfaces) that make the PC a much more natural and efficient choice.. if the right program was available. PC computers with soundcards are almost in every house nowadays, so why not exploit their huge DSP potential to feature effects of quality and quantity equivalent to many thousands dollars of rack/pedal effects added together? The answer has been the creation of DspRT. I created it at first because I'm an electric guitar player, as well as a commercial games developer (with big experience in direct hardware programming on many platforms) and thus I didn't want to waste my money buying pedal effects. I instead wanted to create this program.. the only PC program capable of latency performances in the order of *micro*seconds; and write cool hi-fi DSP effects by myself. I've been using an unrealased version of DspRT for about two years, until friends "pretended" that I made it available for all. I then decided to furtherly extend the program for other users' needs (i.e. not only for electric guitar players, or for who wanted my "sound"), and thus added stereo (or any number of channels) input support (formerly it was mono input and stereo output), and rewrote the program to make it extremely flexible and accessible for all users, not only for me. I also added lotsa DSP effects and other features that I didn't need, but that other people may need. I also bought other soundcards, studied them to the core and added direct support for them, to reach the incredible latency performances mentioned above.


>Because of all the months of hard work that have been added, the program is not freeware. But I'm certain that you will easily get how much DspRT is fully worth its price, and even much more than I will ask for. DspRT is different than all the other DSP programs for PC. First of all, it features practically zero latency, unlike all the other PC programs that have been always around and ruined the PC name as a realtime DSP processor. Secondly, you'll see how much great is the quality of the effects that DspRT offers: the Compressor is probably *the best compressor in the world*, and it runs on a PC (and in realtime, with ~zero latency)! The Chorus is just incredible.. the parametric filters offer more than you'll ever need; all the effects are just a challenge to perfection. And, if all of this wasn't enough, DspRT is capable of physically model electronic circuits (electronic components connected together, to form a circuit as in the usual electronic schematics), to simulate complex circuits (as vacuum tube preamplifiers, power amplifiers and power supply units) that can be simulated perfectly only through this electronic modeling technique. The realism of DspRT's vacuum tubes simulation is by far superior to the one of multi-thousands-dollars top modeling programs like PSpice, and unlike them, DspRT is realtime, and with practically zero latency! Due to the unlimited possibilities in creating parallel/serie and mixed connections (including feedback points), DspRT can be easily turned also in an incredible analog synthesizer. The limits are only the ones of your imagination, but the highly intuitive nature of DspRT makes every design and use as easy as it can really be. DspRT is a revolution not only because of its quality and performances: but also because it offers them to either the extremely professional studios and the "normal" users. All from a ridicolous and "mass oriented" price (worth thousands dollars of excellent effects), through four versions tuned to different level of needs, till the full-featured "Studio" one.



At 05:52 PM 10/23/2000 +0000 Bizzetti wrote:


First of all, I haven't been able to develop for some weeks due to the operation in the eyes; in the left eye it didn't go too well, and till some days ago I thought I had to re-operate it, but now it's finally getting better and better, and I'm practically fully operative again.


Second, I've exploited this "forced pause" also to change computer, now I got a K7, but I decided not to recycle my old W95 installation once more, and instead I wanted to reinstall everything from scratch, and clean my HD's and sort all the files and directories in a better way (big mess).


These two problems freezed development for 3-4 weeks, I'm very sorry about it. Now I'm practically fully operative again, and am going into the new Windows program development. I just finished to download a "modest" 128 MB of DirectX SDK.. gonna install it after I close this email.


Note that DspRT is *not* cancelled, it will be released as well, but it's aimed at expert users only, and is only for Dos (by the way, I'm running Windows ME now, and I am using the Real Dos patch.. it's not true that Windows ME doesn't have Real Dos.. it's just there waiting to be re-enabled, check http://www.geocities.com/mfd4life_2000/ ).


I'm very sorry for the nearly 1 month of freezed development (due to my eyes operation and the change of PC), furthermore, I had to adapt my mind a bit to the reality of the market and go for the Windows & GUI version, easy to use, etc.. resembling a POD in the interface, etc.. because that's the only way to sell in this market, unfortunately.


Still, I don't love at all the concept of "commercial", and all the comprimizes that it means, so (although I bet it will sell much less) DspRT *will* be released as well, as I said above for expert users and only for Dos, without any performance comprimize (no fancy knobs and all those frills that occupy the CPU and make very low latencies something even unworth to achieve).


Thanks for the patience.. I hope to have a demo of the new program (GUI based and for Windows) as soon as possible (better not forecast any exact date, you know it's impossible), and DspRT will be released immediately after (it's a superset of that program, without GUI and only for Dos. No frills, pure performance).






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