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Bogner: Ecstacy

Bogner Ecstacy amp - has dedicated loop for a power attenuator (channel-assignable).


Ecstacy 100B -- variac, pentode/triode, built-in variac lowers voltage by about 30 volts, squishy and smooth. Built-in resistive full dummy load for power-tube saturation fed to a rack/power amp setup. Would be nice if this amp had MIDI capability for all functions including the pre-eq switches, air switch and excursion controls - would create 10-12 channel amp easily. Modelling amps may inspire tube amps to have such multiple programmable voicing, for "dial-a-voice" or "dial-an-amp" voicing on an actual tube amp.

Ecstacy 101A (half-power sw, dip sw's)

Ecstacy 101B - 30-100 watts. half/full-power switch to run quartet or pair of EL34's. Old/new style switch for pentode/triode operation. Assignable presence control, an assignable Plexi mode, excursion (low-end contour) switches, and gain structure options.

official product page - 100-25 watts. Variac option.

Review at Guitarist magazine - "The power amp features a half-power switch which cuts two power amp tubes. The 'new/old' switch relates to triode or pentode operation; power tubes have five filaments that all run in full power (new), while triode mode (old) cuts it to three, making them squashier, less efficient and altogether more vintage sounding. If you plug in a Strat, set everything to normal (no boosts, normal excursion, normal pre-EQ) and switch to half power and old (triode) operation, the Ecstasy farts, squashes and warbles in the most fantastic manner. Set like this, you can crank everything up to boiling point and do almost any vintage amp impression."

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