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an official product page for GT-5, GT-3, and ME-30

an official GT-5 page

GT-3 FAQ�s, user Patches, and technical documents to the �unofficial� GT-3 Owner�s Manual Supplement

The place for information on the BOSS GT-5, including downloadable Patches and a handy Patch arranger program (Ranger-5) for use on a PC

BOSS $5 demo CD of effects - also, GT-3 demo video, $5. BOSS Groove gear demo CD-ROM/Audio CD, $5. To order, in U.S., phone the Roland SuperStore at (800) 386-7575.

official product page: GT-5 Turbo-Facts - "The BOSS GT-5 is the first pedal board style Guitar Multi Effects Processor to incorporate Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM ).This technology allows the GT-5 to emulate several of the world�s most popular guitar amps and speaker cabinets."

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