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Budda: Slavemaster 30

official product page - excerpts: "Perfect companion to your Line 6 POD. 30-watt Class AB mono block power amp. Utilizes a pair of 6L6�s and a 5u4 rectifier. Designed with an on-board [power?] attenuator circuit [for its own 6L6 tube power amp?], effects loop and record out circuit, the Slavemaster 30 is a unique and powerful performance tool. 2 inputs: one to accept the load of your amp via its Speaker Out jack. The other is a pre-amp level in [or instrument level?]. This allows you to crank up your low-wattage amp [how many watts?] (or preamp) and feed the signal to the Slavemaster 30 for attenuation [after the Slavemaster's fx loop and power tubes?] and processing and for overall stage volume control. Once the signal is fed to the power amp [sic -- should be "stepped down to line level"?], it can be processed via the effects loop and sent to either the record out circuit for direct to disk/ board processing, or to multiple speaker outs. Our "Lead Link" speaker switching system will be available as an upgrade. The ultimate in slave tones and direct recording."

Budda Amplification
37 Joseph Court
San Rafael, CA 94903
Voice (415) 492-1935
Fax (415) 492-1663
eMail Buddatone at budda.com

Here is by email and the reply from Scot Sier:


1. For your new product name, the Web page says "Slavedriver 30", "Slavemaster 30", and "Slave 30". Are there 1, 2, or 3 products? The mail brochure says "Slavemaster 30" and also says "Slave 30". Also, the URL says "stringmaster". http://www.budda.com/stringmaster.html

> Our mono block amp is the Slavedriver.

2. Is the on-board attenuator a power attenuator to regulate the 30-watt power amp in the Slavemaster?

> The attenuator attenuates the amp signal being fed to the Slavedriver.

3. Is it a continuously variable attenuator, or a multi-step switch?

> Multi step switch - 0 to -20db.

4. How many watts can the Slavemaster accept in the high-power In jack?

> It will load amps up to 100 watts

Many amp entries in the Buyer's Guides don't really describe the special concepts of unusual amp models. Since this is an unusual amp concept, you might want to provide a block diagram and show a couple of applications.

>We will upload a block diagram and PDF files.

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