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Cakewalk -- Guitar Tracks 2 - intro-level software guitar system


http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/GT/GT2.html - official product page.http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/GS/GS2.html - compare Guitar Studio, "While Guitar Tracks offers you a simple and affordable product for their needs, Cakewalk provides a natural growth path to more professional products. By upgrading from Guitar Tracks to Cakewalk Guitar Studio 2 software, for example, you can take advantage of integrated recording and editing, more digital audio tracks and effects, guitar tablature and fretboard composing tools, and other higher-end features."


The Guitar Tracks page also mentions how to add more amp models. "Cakewalk Audio FX 2 Vintage Amp and Tape Simulation - Looking for a way to warm up your audio tracks, but can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on vintage analog or tube gear? Cakewalk Audio FX 2 gives your tracks the classic sound and warmth of several different vintage guitar amplifiers and analog tape decks, without the problems associated with older equipment."


Does the Cakewalk site have a comparison table?


Guitar Tracks features

Intuitive multitrack interface.

Available July 2000

Includes AmpSim Lite DirectX plug-in for simulating vintage amplifier sound

WavePipe audio processing technology for responsive, no-latency audio playback and mixing on standard Windows sound cards

Trial version of Fraunhofer MP3 encoder. Also exports to RealSystem G2 and Windows Media. Can purchase a full version of the professional Fraunhofer MP3 encoder for $25.00 on the Cakewalk Web site. Can mixdown to stereo .WAV files.

Mix tracks in real-time with up to 8 simultaneous effects.

Real-time, non-destructive stereo effects including parametric and graphic EQ, chorus, reverb, delay, and flanger.

SlowBlast utility for practicing guitar licks from albums; loop and slow down music without changing the original pitch.

Supports industry-standard DirectX audio plug-ins.

Eight-track digital audio recording and mixing software for Windows.

Uses standard Windows sound card.

8-track portastudio interface is easy to use.

Real-time mixing console

Record, Play, Fast-Forward, Rewind, Loop Record/Playback, and Auto-Punch Record

Scrolling window of all audio tracks while using real-time mixing controls


Drag-and-Drop Drummer Lite for creating drum tracks quickly. Library of over 100 drum patterns.

Playback/Record track meters

buy at Proaudiomusic.com - be sure you get version 2. Compare zzounds.com if they carry it.


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