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CB Labs PRX-902 Amp Emulator

GP mention in New Gear column page 129 Jan 1994. Digitally controlled. 9 variable contour shapes to simulate a miked amp. Hard, bright, or classic tube tones. Open or closed-back cab response. Several presence and notch settings. 3-band EQ. Gain, output controls. CB Labs, 990 Housatonic Av, Bridgeport CT 06606 (203) 335-1093.

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CB Labs PRX "Reverb" Tube Amp Emulator "plug in guitar" amp; Made in USA.
CB Labs PRX 901 Tube Amp Emulator driver pedal
CB Labs PRX 908 Tube Amp Emulator driver pedal
CB Labs PRX 902 Emulator Series tubeamp emulator pedal

CB Labs user comments at Harmony Central

CB Labs PRX-902 Amp Emulator

Submitted at: 18:51, 9/30/96

Price Paid: US $$150

Ease of Use: 10
This is a very easy to use but powerful amp emulator. It has 10 different amp "profiles" which are then modified by knobs for 3
band e.q. and gain. Further complex modifications are made by a "lead" (mid-range and gain boost) switch, and an "attack"
(undistorted high frequency mix in) switch.

Sound Quality: 10
This is BY FAR the best "amp emulator"/"fuzz box with pretensions" I've ever tried and I've been playing for over 30 years.
You can get this to sound completely clean, or completely gain'ed out, or anything in between with ease. The guitar tone comes
through clearly at any setting. I'm someone who uses a Klein electric with a spruce body and Barden telecaster pickups,and
tone is very important to me. Even at high gain, you can clearly hear slight changes to the position of a pickup's tone nob. This
is BY FAR the most touch sensitive device of it's type I've tried. You don't need to roll down the pickup volume, just use pick
articulation to go from singing sustain to clean.

Reliability: 10
Seem reliable so far (2-3 years). I've gigged lots without a backup, but I've decided to get another, just in case.

Customer Support: N/A
I bought this at the Winter NAMM several years ago. The guys at the company seem o.k., if a little grouchy. I think they've put
a lot of sweat into this line and they feel unappeciated.

Overall Rating: 10
I would buy it again in a second (I did). I love the sound, hate the wall wart. I've tried so many other boxes I can't count. This
is similar to the "Sans Amp" stuff but much more complex and touch sensitive. I've not really exercized the Roland COSM stuff
in a non-show environment so I can't honestly compare. It is certainly MUCH more complex and satisfying than all the tube
drivers, tube screamers, fuzzfaces, etc, all of which I owned when they came out. I've never heard another box do a twin
reverb at 3 and a tweed bassman at 7 via pick articulation alone. I generally leave my herd of small tube amps at home now,
though there are some recording tasks where I still need my champ or princeton.

Submitted by: Carl Margolis

Read review in Guitar World Magazine on-line, in the archives section.

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