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Moonlight Amp - 1 watt tube amp project

From http://bipedal.logikos.com/TubeAmpStuff/Moonlight/Pics/front.jpg

From http://bipedal.logikos.com/TubeAmpStuff/Moonlight/Pics/Chassis%20-%20Front.jpg

There are many more good pictures at Chris Hogan's site.

Chris Hogan's modified build of the Moonlight amp

official project page

A well-informed user of the 3-watt Signature 284 amp estimates that the appropriate power level for cranking a tube guitar amp without the neighbors hearing is 1/2-1 watt -- which is the level produced by the Moonlight Amp. One apartment guitarist said that the 1/2 watt Smokey cigarette-box amp is louder than his usual apartment-friendly practice level, when driving a full-sized speaker cabinet. Therefore the 1-watt Moonlight amp is in the right ballpark, but still might be louder than you want, for private cranking at home.

Ampage: Stephen Delft's 1 watt Moonlight amp schematic (6SN7 as power tube)

Below is a sample copy of the Moonlight Amp schematic; see AX84 for the latest, authoritative circuit. (for example, http://www.intsys.net/ax84/moonlight.html, but be sure to see the AX84 official home/entry page)

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