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DI Boxes: Direct Inject

Palmer DI products - including PDI-09: D.I. Box designed especially for guitarists, for use with instrument/line level signals, or to be connected between your amp and speaker, enabling direct-to-console recording without microphones. Integrated filter circuits deliver the authentic "speaker" sound. Tone can be varied between "Mellow", "Normal" or "Bright". $120

GuitarNotes directory site: DI companies

Anderton's DI online slideshow

Nobels DI-S DI box - Universal DI-box. Ground lift, phase inverter, level attenuator, balanced out XLR, unbalanced out, parallel out.

How to Get a Chicago-Style Sound Through a PA for blues harp

Black Dog amp tone - Tell me how you got that sound on Black Dog.

Page: We put my Les Paul through a direct box, and from there into a mic channel. We used the mic amp of the mixing board to get distortion. Then we ran it through two Urie 1176 Universal compressors in series. Then each line was triple-tracked. Curiously, I was listening to that track when we were reviewing the tapes and the guitars almost sound like an analog synthesizer.

Demeter Amps: Tube Direct box

Demeter tube DI box - http://www.demeteramps.com/bassprerev1.html

Ridge Farm Gas Cooker - excerpts:

The Ridge Farm Industries "Gas Cooker" is a high performance all-valve, twin channel Direct Injection (DI) box, designed to meet the exacting standards of the studio, broadcast and live recording industries. It excels in direct injection of high impedance instruments such as electric guitars and basses and can be used to add controllable degrees of classic-sounding valve warmth and presence to any mono or stereo audio source. The Gas Cooker includes a switchable 20dB input pad, a buffered, unbalanced line output (pre-gain control), and both balanced and unbalanced post gain control outputs. The balanced output features transformer isolation and switchable ground lift, while the unbalanced output has a maximum gain of x30, so guitars and basses can be matched to the line input of a mixing console. Carefully designed, high voltage valve circuitry permits the drive level to the output tube stage to be varied, so the amount of valve colouration added to the signal can be precisely controlled.

Guitars & basses -- Use it on instruments with active or passive pickup systems. You can also connect it between guitar and effects pedals. High gain settings give exceptionally warm valve colouration. Use both Cooker channels to provide a balanced split to two amps.

Electronic keyboards -- Treat in the same way as electric guitar signals. High gain settings will introduce significant colouration. If the source signal is relatively strong, you can produce a classic 'rock organ' sound [better would be saturating power tubes directly driving speakers hard]. More subtle setting of the Gain control will affect mainly high frequency sounds, enhancing both transient detail and presence.

Consoles -- The Gas Cooker will subtly enhance any signal when connected to the console's insert points. The best results are usually achieved by setting the Cooker to unity gain. If this produces too high a level of colouration, switching in the pad and taking the signal from the unbalanced output will compensate for lost gain.

Mixing -- To enhance the complete mix, connect both channels of the unit via the console's master stereo insert points. For a more pronounced effect, use higher gain. High levels of colouration work best on individual instrumental sounds.

Microphones -- To re-create that classic 'valve mic' sound, connect one channel of the Gas Cooker to the insert point of a mic channel using, the unbalanced jack output. For subtle colouration,set the Pad switch to on and adjust the gain control to provide approximately unity gain. Higher degrees of colouration can be achieved on higher gain settings or by switching off the Pad.

Solid-state direct boxes (verify):

Whirlwind Director Direct Box
Whirlwind Hotbox Active Reference Direct Box
Whirlwind IMP2 (2)
Whirlwind MultiDirector 4 Channel Direct Box

Tube DI boxes (verify):

Uncle Alberts Vacuum Tube Direct Box (2)

  • Retrospec Juice Box - di for bass
  • Avalon U5 DI has a line level output, so it can eliminate the variable of what kind of mic pre you might be using. It also has a mic level out, if you choose to run it thru something with a bit of character. "I am a big fan of this unit."
  • Manley Tube Interface DI requires a mic pre? Manley 2ch. DI "I like it with synths really well, as well as with bass and guitars.
  • Whirlwind IMP
  • Countryman 85
  • U-5
  • Retrospec 'Juice Box'
  • Evil Twin - Bruce Siefried at Eclair Engineering makes the Evil Twin. Retail is $800. For an extra $120, he'll make it a mic pre, and for $180, you can have phantom power on the pre. Another post talked about the characteristics. I've got one and am thinking about buying another, They're worth it. Eclair Engineering, 221 Pine St., Florence MA, 01062. Phone/Fax 413-584-6767
  • Empirical Labs may have one coming out.

    xxx - Another recording method is to place a microphone next to a tube amp�s speaker, feed this signal into a mixer, and use the G-Force in the mixer�s effect loop. In that case you should enable the Killdry feature in the G-Force (see this page), so that you don�t get any dry sound in the effect loop interfering with the recorded tracks, and if you are using it�s REV, you should also enable the G-Force�s speaker filter (in this situation you may want to add the reverb during mixdown, after the track has been recorded):

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