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musiciansbuy.com: Digitech RP14D Amp Modeling Effects Processor - "Real Tube Amp Modeling, powered by a high voltage 12AX7 tube. The RP14D has 10 extremely flexible Amp Models capable of producing emulations of popular tube amps and effects pedals, giving you the smoothest of the blues tones to the full shred gain of a cranked up stack. 4 additional Acoustic Simulator Models are included to produce full-bodied steel string tones for picking and strumming. The RP14D can also be programmed utilizing the Dual Amp Channel feature to configure separate Amp Models with individual Gain, EQ, and Level settings all from within a single preset. For the digital recording enthusiast, the RP14D also features an S/PDIF Digital Output with Dry Track or Post Effects Routing. Dry Track lets you record your guitar tracks dry (no effects) through the S/PDIF Digital Output while still allowing you the ability to monitor yourself with effects out of the 1/4" and headphone analog outputs."

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