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DMC - GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Digital Music Corporation - GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Digital Music Corporation makes the Ground Control, GCX Expander, and Ground Link.

GCX Guitar Audio Switcher. $350 list, 1 rack space, 8 relay-activate audio loops that can be used for fx or amp switching.

Ground Control. List $279. A programmable, foot-operated controller that can switch up to 8 devices via MIDI, in addition to controlling the GCX's 8 loops.

Ground Link. List $160. Interfaces with the Ground Control and the GCX for 8 more footswitches for direct access to the loops. Lets you control the GCX loops manually, even if you don't own a Ground Control.

GCX Expander and Ground Control MIDI foot controller. Ad page 74 Guitar Player magazine Dec. 1994. Control your entire rack - MIDI fx, vintage pedals, amp channels, etc. CA (818) 991 3881.

Reviewed page 104 Guitar Player Nov 1994. Next to Custom Audio 4x4 and RS-10 MIDI Foot Controller. And Rocktron Patch Mate.

Must-read article about all sorts of switching devices for mixing MIDI processors and vintage pedals. Guitar Player November 1994, page 101 - Better Living with Vintage Effects, by Art Thompson. Covers:


Digital Music Corporation:

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