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Emery Sound: Spotlight - 8 watt Class A 1x10 tube combo, $1199 list, $799 street

Volume and tone knobs. $1000. Tube rectifier. 6L6, single-ended Class A. Can use 6V6 instead. 10" alnico Mojo speaker. Polished wood front, see-through sides, no back. Wood: Birch, Mahogany, or various exotic. Various natural and color wood stains are available: natural, amber, red, orange, purple, blue, green.

Dominatrix 15 watt head available. Separate cabinet for 12" speaker available. Separate reverb unit might be available.

Emery Sound
Curt Emery
1731 Lexington Av.
El Cerrito, CA 94530
(510) 236-1176
emerys at earthlink.net
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Dominatrix -- 9 watts or 15 watts:

These photos/ads: copyright Emery Sound.

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