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Getting more treble via speakers and guitar volume circuit

cyclops at interlog.com (Kenneth A. MacKay, P. Eng.) wrote:

>There's a way easier and cheaper way. Connect a 6800 pF capacitor
>between the signal end of the volume pot and the wiper. If there's
>already a cap there, replace it with one twice as big. K.

>Bill Hatcher wrote:

>>kirk anderson wrote:

>>> I play with the "tone" knob on 10 all the time.
>>> Tried a different speaker (Mojotone 10" alnico)
>>> but it sounded the same.

>>Try a JBL D110 or K110. It will cut your head off with top end.
>>It doesn't crap out like some of these other speakers, but your
>>little Gibson probably breaks up pretty good at even moderate levels.
>>I don't play the distorto thing very much so I love the sound of these
>>JBLs. I remember going to see the Allman Brothers in the late 60's.
>>They used JBLs in their Marshall amps and still got a great sound.
>>They are rather expensive.

Make sure the guitar has a 500K ohm volume pot. I found a 25 K pot mistakenly used in a new guitar last week! The owner complained of the same problem, dull tone.

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