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>> I'm looking for a new/vintage delay box which will give me around
>> 4 sec of delay (min.) for looping effects a la Bill Frisell, Robert
>> Fripp, David Torn, etc. I used to use an expanded Lexicon PCM 42
>> which belonged to a friend. The feature that I liked most was the
>> ability to 'grab' a loop and then crank down the pitch - slow it down -
>> something Frisell does to good effect I think Frisell uses a
>> Digitech
>> double action pedal (two button stomp box, red) and I think it's only
>> a two-second delay. I've checked out the new crop of delays, Oberheim
>> Digital Echoplex, Lexicon JamMan et al and none allow the speed up/slow
>> down of 'grabbed' loops.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Bruce

> Call me nutz ( or not ) but try one of those old ECHOPLEX's
> Yeah yeah I know, it's analog, but man those things are cool.
> ( I don't if the have *quite* that long of a delay tho....sorry if I
>pesterd you.)

See the Surf and Space Guitar Player September 1996 for David Torn's Looping Clinic and product reviews.

Put two tape recorders on either side of the room and run a tape between them.

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