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This old posting (by someone else) is a combination of good advice and the enthusiasm of achievement, on my favorite subject: amp rigs for quiet cranked-amp tone.

From mas017 at aol.com
Oct 7 1996
Subject: The SECRET of Great Pure Guitar TONE !!!!

I want to share my excitement about finally finding the secret to that elusive warm guitar tone I have sought for years. I have tried all sorts of rackmount preamps, power amps, effects units, combo amps, and so on. I have finally found the secret to a warm guitar sound; this may help others looking for the same classic warm guitar crunch and long, smooth sustain!

It looks simple, but it took me 8 years of trial and error (and fancy equipment) to find this simple, straightforward approach.

This sound is more of a straight rock sound like old Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, AC/DC, and so on, rather than the more modern highly fx-processed sounds of players such as Steve Vai, Satriani, and Petrucci. Of course you could add any effects you wanted at the console.

[Time fx, in particular, should go through the console, not in the amp's fx loop or before the amp. Especially if you have heavy power-stage distortion. - Michael]

My sole goal was to find that smooth (not screechy) infinite "bell-like" warm tube distortion. If you have found the all-purpose effects units to be "cool" at first, but "gimmicky" and "fake" later on, perhaps you to will find this set-up to your liking.

[However, for processors that have a well-placed fx loop, you can wrap the processor sections around the cranked tube amp to produce the above chain, with post-amp placement of time fx. This sounds awesome, not gimmicky and fake. The power-stage saturation warms up the non-time-fx processing of the first section of the processor, and placing the second section of the processor (including time fx) after the amp preserves the "dry" character of amp breakup. - Michael]

Just thought it might help someone out there who is searching for Tone.

-- mas017 at aol.com

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