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Guitar Amp Circuitry - A tone control circuit simulator/analysis tool for Windows.

>In <554g7g$mdg at panix2.panix.com> mgarvin at panix.com (Mark Garvin) writes:

>>By the way, I don't remember who asked me about the web location for
>>my articles on tone controls, but they were on Nathan Stewart's web
>>page, and unfortunately it's down indefinitely.

>I just found a copy of that article, posted on the 'ampage', if anyone
>is still interested.

> www.aros.net/~tboy/ampage/ampage.html

>Click on 'tech tips', then select 'amps' and go to the BBS.
>You may have to search thru a lot of messages, but it is under
>a heading that says something about tone controls. Toward the
>bottom of the list.

>The person who posted it (I dunno!?) even replaced my ASCII
>schematics with graphics!

>Some other intersting stuff at that site, too.

>Mark Garvin

To find the article immediately, search the BBS page on "tone circuits", or try xxxxxxx.

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