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The 2112 guitar amp is made by Crate, not DOD, and it's all-tube.

>For 2112 fans there is also a DOD 2112 amp. Solid state, unfortunately.

Crate VC2112RB 15 watt Class A 1x12 combo, tube reverb, punch button, headphone jack, external speaker jack. $450 list.

This would make a nice companion for the Digitech 2112 guitar multieffects processor, insofar as any setup could sound good when you put complex time-based effects before a saturating tube amp.

You could do the following, to get awesome combinations of tube-amp-on-tap and far-out effects:

o Digitech 2112 effects unit #1 (level, eq, phase, fx that won't muddy the amp)
o Crate 2112 tube amp
o Demeter speaker isolation cabinet, Celestion Greenback 25 watt guitar speaker, Shure SM57 mic, Radio Shack XLR-to-1/4" adapter
o Digitech 2112 effects unit #2 (for level, eq, echo, fx that would muddy the amp)
o Solid state power amp
o Monitor speaker

Leave all the Crate controls at 5, and program the two effects units before and after the amp.

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Home (amp tone and effects placement)