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Hybrid amps are a scam; tubes are needed in power amp, not preamp

"Hybrid amps" using solid state power amp and a preamp tube
are a failure; they sound no different than completely solid state amps.

These backwards, cheapskate "hybrid amps" are bullshit. You can get a good tone from solid state preamp and a tube power amp, but *not* from a tube preamp and a solid-state power amp. Tubularity of the power amp is vastly more important than preamp tubes.

Marshall is really lagging in the "small tube amp" trend. There's a lot of interest in 15 watt amps. But I don't feel 15 watts is useful for anything. It's still too loud for an apartment, and not loud enough to match a drum kit. Apartment amps should be 0-5 watts, and to play against drums without a PA, you need at least 30, preferably 50 wattts.

Music Man did it the right way: solid-state preamp and tube power amp.

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