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>>: Hendrix's Marshalls had EL34's, standard until about the 80s, giving "soft"
>>: breakup.
>>I read an interview a while back from a technician who repaired
>>Hendrix' road gear. It was in a big guitar mag, I can't remember which one
>>now. He said all of Hendrix' amps were retubed with 6550s, which
>>Hendrix preferred.
>>I'll have to go home and find the mag again, because the first time
>>I read this I remember I was shocked. If I find it, I'll post the
>>issue and magazine name.
>> -y-
>I read that too in G.P.
>Don't believe every amp tech that comes out of the woodwork with
>a tall tale. Carl

Guitar Shop Oct. 1996
page 38

Cesar Diaz -- SRV's amp tech

"SRV was trying to sound like Jimi, and I knew exactly what Jimi had done to get that tone. Jimi had taken the original EL34s out of his Marshalls and installed 6550s. You can't get any closer to a 6L6 than that, and at that point, a Marshall sounds very round."

He elaborates further.

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