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Feedback helps the tone sound authentic, the Fernandes Sustainer and PlusEBow

Feedback Techniques page

all about feedback techniques (local backup made)

Several guitarists have been working on a circuit, I suggest you compare notes.
jonnra at ameritech.net

Overview of Feedback

One sign of a real rock guitar rig, rather than an, amateur, corner-cutting, fake rock guitar rig, is feedback. I like feedback because it's a sign of volume and power, and the idea of feedback is interesting and suggestive.

I tried holding my guitar strings next to the speaker cabinet to see if the pressure waves would alter the dynamic envelope of plucked notes, but I couldn't hear any such effect. Feedback, however, is an obvious effect of holding the guitar next to a real, cranked amp.

You can get feedback at low volumes using lots of preamp distortion.

Adam wrote:

>I too have the need for recording a screaming guitar at low volume
>levels and have experimented a lot with different techniques and gear.
>I would like to add a 4th very important dimension of distortion so far
>overlooked in this thread. That is when you play at loud levels and
>the sound from the speakers regurgitates back to the strings and again
>into the pickups and so on and so on for and endless cycle of blissful
>sustain. First of all you can get a large variety of harmonics ringing
>along with your note or morphing into it this way. Plus it adds a huge
>amount of touch feeling, the way the note squeeze out of the guitar as
>well as a lot of body and warmth to the sound. If you have ever played
>your guitar in another room from your amp like in a control room with an
>iso booth and have the studio monitors at a low volume you will see a
>huge difference.

>I have not yet had the chance to try it but I think
>the sustainac pickup system made by Fernandez might give me that
>regenerating sound I'm looking for ( 4th dimension of distortion) at low

jonnra, below, is working on a sustainer circuit.


>Here is a site that has some samples of sustainer technology. It is very similar to the music I am currently making.

driver-pickup sustainer circuits and samples

Get physical feedback to the strings from one amp, but mic a different amp

Jerry Helm uses the following approach.

Run through 2 amps. One, a sweet, warm, rather clean amp, and the other, a balls-to-the-wall Marshall on 11. Stand in front of the Marshall so the guitar sings/screams on almost whatever you play. Mic only the clean amp, away from the Marshall. It is a cool effect. The guitar behaves totally differently and you get some serious sustain and singing tone without ridiculous distortion.

Use a semi-hollowbody

From: Mark Vermette

>There *are* ways to get feedback at extremely low volumes. My personal formula for that involves a semi-hollowbody with sensitive pickups, a Boss compressor, my 250H set to one of the hotter Johnson or Matchless presets, and my stereo Peavey 4x10. With some patches, I can get the setup do the Santana "infinite note" thing at slightly louder than conversational volume.

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