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To influence the gear industry, you can spread awareness of this web site. Everyone will benefit, because more equipment designers will take these considerations into account, and we'll move beyond fuzzy preamp distortion, fizzy attenuators, and low-pass filters posing as "speaker emulators". As a result, more equipment will appear, giving genuine cranked-speaker and cranked-power-tube tone, at lower room noise levels, with more control, more flexibility, and more ease-of-use. Every mention of this URL corresponds with more cranked-amp tone, on tap.

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<a href="http://www.amptone.com">Amp Tone & FX Placement</a> -- Getting cranked-tube-amp tone quietly, and post-amp effects placement.

With more links to my site, more guitar-gear dealers and designers will think as they should: in professional terms; in studio terms; in *whole-system* terms. Guitarists don't want a "guitar amp", they want the sound of a guitar amp, properly set up and mic'd in a studio, with a mixing board and post-mic effects loop -- which always boils down to some sort of isolation, post-processing, and the control that results.

I know that there are awesome developments and efforts and experiments in digital processing. But do a reality check; listen to Hendrix at Woodstock: can any simulator sound like that? I have read the ad copy and magazine reviews (of dubious critical objectivity) but have never heard a convincing simulation; the reality of Hendrix puts emulators and simulators to shame, and the ears *can* hear the difference between truly *inspired* Tone, and merely "simulated amp tone". For the indefinite future, I am committed to new configurations of traditional components, as opposed to any sort of emulation and simulation. The kinds of compromises I am dedicated to are those such as using a single guitar speaker, in an enclosed cabinet, as opposed to the more extreme compromise of using no guitar speaker at all.

I acknowledge that simulators can produce some cool tones. But I am not after "cool tones" so much as breathtakingly *real* and *physical* tones -- almost frighteningly authentic and devastatingly authoritative tones; true reference tones, the source -- Godly, Heavenly, Real tones. I am also interested in combining these tones, while retaining their purity, with mind-bending special effects.

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Home (amp tone and effects placement)