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My trip to Guitar Center, lack of awareness and promotion of products for quiet cranked-amp tone

The only soaks the salesman heard of were Power Brake and THD Hot Plate. He thought the idea was bizarre. They did not carry the Hot Plate. They carried the Power Brake and had two in stock, but they were both in the back room, not displayed on the shelf. This is inadequate. Guitar Center has poor awareness of what guitarists want, and what products would adequately, seriously address those needs. I intend for this amp tone site to change all that, so that the next prominent wave of gear is oriented toward products for quiet, genuine cranked-amp tone.

He *did* know about the Lexicon Signature 284 and has given up waiting for it after a year. But I pointed out that the current, 11/98 issue of Guitar Player did a complete review of it, so demand and availability should increase now. He didn't even mention the stack of CabTone units behind him.

Guitar Center can order anything that is currently produced, by the guitar-gear companies.

Guitar Center

Guitar Center has these in stock:

Power Brake PB-100 -- list $379, Guitar Center price $279
Power Brake PB-100 WSP (white) -- list $385, Guitar Center price $299 (not in stock at this store)
Sans Amp GT2 (only), for $159.
Cab Tone - GC price $120.
Sonny Boy - GC price: $130.
VooDoo Valve - GC price: $700.
Digitech 2120 - GC price: $1150
Fender Pro Jr. - GC price: $270
Fender Blues Jr. - GC price: $350
Line 6 Flextone 60 - GC price: $620
Line 6 Flextone 2x50 - GC price: $700
Line 6 Flextone 2x150 - GC price: $860
Line 6 AX2 - GC price: $900
DigiTech/Johnson Millennium - GC price: $1400
They are planning on carrying the Lexicon Signature 284. in stock at the Detroit and Denver stores, and some others. Used MicroCab $130.
Used VOX AC15 - $650

They do not carry the Laney LC15 or Crate 508 in stock. They do carry Crate. They are not a Laney dealer.

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