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Almost all of the pure cab-sim filter products can act as a traditional Direct Box

All the pure cab-sim filter products I've found (see the list on my home page) can accept the amp's Spk Out signal as input, *if* a separate load is also used alongside this product [except, I'm not sure about the Palmer PDI-05 -- will know when get some decent info about this mysterious line]. Each of these products can function as a traditional Direct Box; typically, each of these products has a transformer, XLR Out, Ground Lift, and ability to bypass the cabinet-simulation filter when using the XLR Out.

[to do: verify this for each product using a separate, wider table. Consider adding columns for these features for the other products as well: power attenuator, dummy load, and low-wattage power-tube products.]

What sort of "direct boxes" (rather than "products with DI capability") are relevant to this site? I don't want to provide detailed coverage of several hundred direct boxes. What is the relevance of direct boxes to headphone-level cranked-tube-amp tone, and headphone-level guitar processing in general? Several traditional Direct Boxes are listed at Whirlwind: Special-Purpose Boxes.

chrisshe wrote:

>I just compiled a list of all 2-channels mic preamp solutions for under $1,000.

>>I'm also going to buy a direct box soon, most likely a HK redbox.

>All of the mic preamps in the following list also act as direct boxes, with regular instrument inputs -- two boxes in one! This list contains only tube mic preamps -- you may be able to save more money on solid state units. Those Bellari's sound like they're perfect for you though--and I've heard great things about their sound.

Mfg	Model	EQ	Tube type	# ch	 MSRP 	Digital	Notes
Art	Tube MP		Hybrid	1	 $159 		phase reverse
Art	Dual MP		Hybrid	2	 $349 		"phase reverse, +20dB gain"
Art	Pro MPA		Hybrid	2	 $649 		"VU meters, phase reverse, lo
dbx	586 Mic Pre	3-band w/mid-sweep	Tube	2		"AES/BEU, S/PDIF"
"VU meters, Peak Limiter, Inserts"
Bellari	MP110 DIRECT DRIVE		All tube	1	 $250 		
Bellari	RP220 Dual Mic Pre		All tube	2	 $500 		
Bellari	RP520 Dual Mic Pre		All tube	2	 $600 		VU meters 
Digitech	VTP-1	4-band w/two mid-sweep	Tube	2	 $999
"AES/BEU, S/PDIF"	"VU meters , EFX loop"
Peavy	VMP 2	2-band w/defeat	All tube	2	 $950 		Lo cut
TL Audio	VP5050		Tube	1	 $449 		"Lo cut, compression"
TL Audio	PA5001		Tube	4	 $699 		"Lo cut, 2 tube stages
per channel"

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