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Groove Tubes SEII rackmount speaker emulator. Reactive load, cab-sim filter, power attenuation. $700 list.

Groove Tubes Audio - SEII rackmount speaker emulator, reactive load, line-level out, 150 watts max input, parallel fx loop. $695. Single rack space. 25% or 50% power reduction, only. 2 mixer (or power amp) outs. FX send and return jacks. 2 effect outputs, too. The 4 eq bands are very effective.

Has an effects loop with Mix control; an fx loop is often great for separating a product into separate modules placed wherever you want. This loop is "parallel" so I don't know whether or not you can cleanly break the unit into two modules. Is the FX loop before the cab-sim filter?

GT Pricing - SEII - Speaker Emulator II "Converts" any amp's power section (up to 150 watts) into a "preamp" for direct recording, producing the sound and feel of power-tube distortion without the neighbors hearing. $695.

official SE-II page - SE-II Speaker Emulator. Allows the user to record the sound of a tube (or solid-state) instrument amplifier without having to employ microphones or speakers to capture the all-important sound of the output tubes and transformers. Since being granted a patent (#4,937,874) for the design of the original Speaker Emulator, the home recordist has been able to record cranked amps without disturbing their neighbors. Professional users have employed these to eliminate the variables of microphones and microphone placement, speaker quality, cabinet construction, room sound, and leakage to and from other instruments to insure a consistent sound from studio to studio, session to session. Connected to the speaker output of any instrument amplifier, this latest version incorporates a parallel effects loop and mix control to add effects after the sound of the output stage, "wet" and "dry" outputs for split feeds, and a unique speaker return output that allows the user to keep a speaker hooked up to the amp but playing back at either 50% or 25% volume. Touring musicians use this to keep on-stage volumes down while still delivering the "pushed" amp character to the house mixing board. Billy Gibbons and Eddie Van Halen have been recording and touring with our SEII for years. One of our engineer friends sends guitar and organ patches from samplers and synthesizers through tube amps to simulate an overdriven Leslie speaker before using the SE-II to run the sound through various rotary speaker simulators.

There is a 1-column comparative review in Legends of Guitar: The Quest for Ultimate Tone (see my Books page). Best of Guitar Player. Covers:

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