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H&K Tube 20 combo with Direct Power Amp Control

$899 list.

Has a special power amp regulator which can drives the tube into the "saturated" mode at lower power, instead of the full 20 watts.


>I was particularly interested in the H&K Blues Master item which led me to H&K's site, where I found information about their new Tube 20 combo.

>This amp features something they call Direct Power Amp Control which according to them allows one to overload the power amp at room levels. Having read your various notes on this subject I know that you mention driving the speaker hard as a major part of the tone picture, so I suppose that this solution would not sound its best at very low volumes.

The Tube 100 and Tube 50 units also have Direct Power Amp Control.

official Tube 20 page - Provides rich, thick power-amp overdrive together with full, fat dynamic tube tone at room volume. The Direct Power Amp Control circuitry makes this possible, and makes the Tube 20 a great club and recording amp.

20 watts RMS
2 EL84 power tubes, 2 ECC83 preamp tubes
2 switchable channels
Accutronics Reverb (channel adapted)
12" Celestion Rockdriver Pro Speaker, and external speaker jack
Serial FX-Loop, footswitchable, -10 dB damping switch
Balanced Red Box DI-Out

info at Hughes-and-Kettner.com

The Tube 20 is not listed at the Harmony Central amp database.

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From DejaNews:

One nice feature of the H&K is that you can overdrive it at low volume, there is a special power amp regulator which drives the tube into the the "saturated" mode. This is fine for playing at home. And if you want some power, open the special regulator and drive the amp with normal master/gain - and you get 20W, which is pretty enough for playing with some friends. It's also possible to connect a fx-board.

Not as clean as the Fender amps, but it's easier to use than the Fender Blues Junior and for me has more blues touch.

The price 7000 ATS (Austrian Schilling) about 550US$ was nearly the same as for the Blues Junior.

For me the really important thing are the tubes. It's such a big difference from the solid state amps (I also tried a Fender Princeton) so I'm happy with the upgrade.

Also heard a Fender amp Transflex (sorry forgot the name) which is a solid state amp that could emulate (by software) different tube amps. Sounded quite good. [can't find info at Fender site - Michael]

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