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Hot Chili Tube Company: Tubester

Tube distortion pedal, $250

Reviewed in August 2000 Guitar Player issue, in the Gizmo Alert column.

CL-1 low gain model. For harp, keyboard.

Tubester.com, official product page - there used to be more here. That's why I need to mirror pages more.

Tubester info at Analog Man's site - can order here

Guitar World review

DS model - takes au-7, ax7,

Available direct from the gear boutique only. Send a check for $267 (U.S.) to:

Hot Chili Tube Company
920 Queens Way
Bedford, TX 76021

Harmony Central reviews - tubester od/dist pedal reviews.

Fantabulosity: MP3s with amp tone - Tubester pictured here.
    Ampeg Jet 15-watt amp (1 MB) - direct download of a sample from his site. clanky, liquidy amp tone. I thought he was using the Tubester pedal shown, but he wrote me earlier: "What you are hearing is a 15-watt Ampeg Jet tube amp and my 1968 Strat with 13's. That is it. I also have a 92 SRV Strat. To hear the differrence just a guitar makes listen to Jamone=68 strat and funk1=92 SRV Strat. I think there is a big differrence. Neck pickup all the way too."

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