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Jester Enterprises: Black Jack Tube Convertors - BJ6V6

Jester Enterprises -- 3 products to switch to lower-wattage power tubes. You could:

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The Black Jack Tube Convertor

The Black Jack Tube Converter - excerpts:

Most of today's tube amps are designed for efficiency, not for the optimal tone. The reason that many modern amps sound sterile is that the preamp tubes are the only tubes that are driven to distortion. Those old Vox amps push the power amp section so hard that the power tubes are really working, contributing to that great tone. Now you can obtain that same tone in your own tube amp by using Black Jack Tube Converters. You can change virtually any style of tube amp to act like a "Vox Class A" amp, and reduce the overall power output so that you can get those power tubes working without having to use an expensive, damaging, tone-sucking volume attenuator. Or, you can use two Black Jacks and two stock tubes to get a combination Class A/B and Class A tone. You can even use Black Jacks in any kind of single-ended amp to change the stock tube to an EL84/6BQ5. These are the same output tubes that the most Vox amps were using to get that great tone. All of this is done without the expense and trouble of having a technician get inside your amp and change the circuit. You can chose between the Black Jacks and the stock tubes at any time without rebiasing the amp. Each Black Jack contains its own internal circuit which correctly adjusts the bias voltage automatically, getting the optimum settings for the EL84 to work at its best. The electronics are actually inside the converter that plugs into your existing tube socket. The converter's aluminum housing is designed to dissipate the heat that it generates and shield the electronics from noise, so you can count on a long life from it. If your EL84 tubes need replacing, just unplug them from the converter, and plug in a new set. A pair of EL84's in the Black Jack converters reduces the output of a 50 watt amp to 16 watts of power. 16 watts of tube power is as loud as a drum kit. Overall length of the Black Jack/EL84 package: 4 1/2 inches.

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