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Johnson J-Station Guitar Amp Modeller, $450 list

Reviewed in Guitarist magazine, p 78, Summer 2000. Build quality: 4 of 5. Features: 3.5 of 5. Sound: 4 of 5. Value: 4 of 5. Verdict: 4 of 5. Liked the ease of use and range of "convincing amp sounds". Didn't like -- effects are limited. Unlike Guitar Player magazine, they at least mentioned how impressive the software is, rather than saying "it exists, but is not reviewed here." In the future, magazines will take the software seriously and review it thoroughly.

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J-Station Owner's Manual (2.5 MB) - If you have trouble getting the manual through Digitech's link, use an FTP program such as CuteFTP. Go to ftp.digitech.com. Anonymous logon. Go to pdf_manuals/JStationmanual.pdf and download it.
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Digitech's FTP site - EZ download manuals

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