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Kendrick Roughneck - 6 watt 1x8 tube combo (6550)

Kendrick - Texas Crude Roughneck. $685. 6 watt 1x10 tube combo, vol ctrl.

kendrick at inetport.com

Kendrick Texas Crude Series - excerpts: "The Roughneck is a 6 watt recording and [relatively] low-volume practice amplifier. Has a huge tone and will out-grind and out-punch any other amp in its wattage range. With the kind of presence only found in higher wattage amps, the Roughneck will record like a big amp, at a fraction of the volume. Has all the harmonic complexity of its higher wattage cousins, but is dynamite in a small package. Single-ended, Class A power amp design. Bright and Normal inputs. Single volume control. Lacquered tweed Beaumont (trapezoid) cabinet. 6550 output tube. Hand-wired. The Line Out jack allows the player to re-amplify the Roughneck through a slave amp, to bring the volume up to gig levels. 6 watts is more than sufficient, in small club or coffeehouse environments. [Good; then how about a 1-watt or 1/2 watt amp, for home studios and bedroom jamming? - Michael] Available only as a combo, the cabinet is designed to accept an 8 or 10 speaker. Texas Crude Series Roughneck Amp 1x8 or 1x10 Combo $685.

The interactive volume controls create a hidden voicing control, which allows the player to sculpt the tone in a way that no other regular multi-band tone controls will permit. The effect is somewhat like scooping out the mid-range and extending the bass and treble frequencies as you turn up the adjacent volume control. In other words, the Normal volume interacts with the Bright and vice versa. The clean tone is bell-like with a smooth attack and a long decay of the note. The very embodiment of the highly sought-after, 3-dimensional sound; this amp has a depth of field on a par with the most prized vintage amplifiers. As you increase the gain, the breakup produced is harmonically rich and extremely sensitive to picking dynamics. This amp snarls and breathes in a very organic, life-like way."

user comments at Harmony Central - excerpts: "Paid $685. I compare it to the old "Super800" Fender Champ. It looks and sounds vintage. Uses a 6550 output tube. Two inputs, #1 (Bright) for Single Coil and #2 (Normal) is buffered for HB's Single ended, Class A, handwired point-to-point. 6 Watts into a Kendrick Brown Frame 4 ohm 8" speaker ( 10" is available also). One 6550 output tube, one 12ax7 preamp tube, and one tube rectifier. One knob: power/volume.

I use it live in a 2-amp setup (Roughneck/Matchless Lightning 210) using a Kendrick A/B/C box, and miked (SM57). More than enough for the small room, not loud enough for large stage volume (slammin drummer). Tried various cabinet configs: Matchless 2x10 (open back 4ohm), Marshall 2x12 (closed back 4ohm), and big Marshall 4x10 1960a switched to 4 ohms. It was amusing, and worth while to push those cab's with 6 watts. There is a line out so you can use a slave. (Have not tried that yet). Use is for studio and live (miked). Breaks up like a old tweed Bassman turned to 8, it's just that you can hold a conversation while your playing (until about 8 on the volume control). You get a good thick clean sound (Strat, Tele) until you reach about 6 on the knob control; from there up it breaks up according to how much you attack the strings. The only pedal I have used is my TS-808 overdrive on it, and I enjoy the vintage vibe from this little toy. This amp replaced a Fender Blues Deville that was heavy, cheap, and noisy. Good harmonic balance and complexity with Strats and Tele's. I would like to hear this thing with the larger, 10" speaker option, but that's an 8 ohm speaker and will probably give a lot more headroom, I wanted a little amp that would break up a lower volumes."

1/2001 - Kendrick has moved.New phone: (512) 932 3130


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