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Koch: Pedaltone

Pedaltone power-tube saturation pedal.

[How long will we have to wait for a dirt-simple, inexpensive stompbox like the Real Tube but using a power tube into a load, rather than a preamp tube? I'm not saying it will sound like a miked cranked tube amp automatically, but certainly such a pedal would produce interesting distortion sounds. The Pedaltone is like the cancelled Lawbreaker pedal -- a literal classic stompbox format, but using a tube power amp (albeit with a preamp tube used as a power tube). Also, products like the Pedaltone and Lawbreaker and Crunch Master are overdesigned, I mean there should also be a super stripped-down, punk-simple, entry-level version. I'm looking for something like a 3-knob Real Tube pedal, no larger. It's just a power tube, jeez, don't make such a big deal out of it. So many products are way overdesigned and overpriced. We need to stop worshipping power tubes and just use them. Just like you can effortlessly buy two distortion pedals and run them in series, so should every guitarist be able to easily get and try out two power-tube saturation pedals in series. -- mh]

custom-sounds.com Pedaltone page

>From: Custom-Sounds info [info at custom-sounds.com]
>Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 4:33 AM
>Subject: Vs: How to order Koch Pedaltone? Price?
>The pedal is so new, I only had one pre-production demo pedal (see
>on the photos), I will get the first shipment of the pedals at the
>end of this week. My price for outside EC is US$450 + shipping.
>Harri Koski
>"May the tone be with you"

That's about the list price the similar H&K Crunch Master was.



This is an amp on the floor, highly versatile tube preamp AND power-amp, so you can have power-amp distortion too. Not a 19 inch rack-mount unit, but a 4-channel foot-operated floor unit.

The Pedaltone was designed for those who need a wide palet of tube sounds at the tip of their toes both for performing as for recording purposes. This handcrafted unit has four channels and wide variety of outputs. Bursting with innovative features, the Pedaltone is fitted with four 12AX7 pre-amp tubes. With many of the same features found on other Koch preducts, it will not only quarantee the Koch sounds but also adds unique new sounds that no other preamp can produce; either plugged direct into the poweramp section of any amp or plugged into it�s guitar input.

The built-in 1/2 watt tube power amp will enable you to reach new levels of thick, rich and saturated distortion, creating a sound only found on powerful tube amplifiers. The footswitchable enhancer on the clean channel (low/high boost, mid cut) provides a choice between a thick clean tone and an ultra funky rhythm sound. The footswitchable booster function for the distortion channel will provide either a punchy crunch or the extreme high-gain you love. Koch unique footswitchable fully adjustable Solo/Rhythm function enables you to play with two volume levels to get that little bit of extra volume when you solo.

The Recording output allows you to send your tube sound to any full-range sound system: studio mixing console, PA, or harddisk recording system. In combination with the built-in speaker simulation it will quarantee a faitful reproduction of your stage sound. Through it�s own effects loop the Pedaltone combines with any stompbox or effects unit, allowing you to create your own unique sound. And last but not least, the Headphones output will enable you to get your kicks anywhere a mains socket is available.

The pedaltone is built extremely solid in a rugged stainless steel housing, has easy access to the tubes for replacement, and comprehensive control layout. It�s five outputs quarantee connectivity to any input available.

This is a handcrafted unit, it�s road-proof and build by people who know and care about guitar tone and quality.



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