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Koch: Twintone amp

[Every tube amp should have a power attenuator, for variable-SPL power-tube saturation. Also, cabs should have a way of switching off all but 1 speaker, for getting speaker smoothing when playing at 1 watt privately. -- mh]



Koch amp: Twintone with built-in power soak

If you're looking for a compact but still very powerful 50 Watt all-tube amp with magnificent overall performance and all the X-tra's you desire....well, here it is. The Clean channel delivers rich clean sounds, solid as a rock and well defined, enhancable with a reverb of generous depth. The Overdrive channel ranges from edgy clean with a nice sustain and moderate distortion to an exciting crunch. Moving further up the scale .... it's high-gain rockers paradise. The special dual-gain control also provides more than enough tones in between to fulfill any guitarist's needs.

Other nice features are the Solo/Rhythm facility, Recording out, Headphones out, Built-in Power Soak providing selection of 0, 25 or 50 watts output power, Classic long-scale Reverb (also in the Head).

Create your music in any style you want and discover that this amp will be your everlasting friend.

This compact all-in-one package is the ideal tool for a wide variety of music styles and applications such as recording at home or in the studio, rehearsing and performing. It offers plenty of power and all the tone and quality of the larger models without the extra weight.



Two Svetlana EL34�s in combination with a high quality output transformer build to vintage specs, provides an excellent sounding classic power station.


This is "classic" channel, standard in all models, it�s warm, sparkling and full of tone combined with a superior headroom. It�s the channel where it all starts.


This amazingly flexible channel allows you to create tones ranging from compressed clean, to raw crunch and even to mega-distortion. The specially designed 'Dual-Drive' control provides this enormous range of tones by controling the gain of two preamp stages simultaneously. Accurate voicing in the preamp stages in combination withclassic post-distortion tone control enables this channel to produce the right sound in every gain setting.


This loop, including buffered in- and outputs, operates at -10dBV signal level and therefore allowing you to use any effect unit you want, from an antique stomp box to a professional 19 inch rack unit.


Special designed speaker-simulating filters ensure that the sound is identical to the sound coming from the speaker.


This built-in 50W speaker replacer is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Even in the middle of the night it allows you to play the solo you have just been dreaming of with full tube-power without waking up anyone. Just pull the speaker plug (the power soak now connects automatically) and the amp can be driven at full power without any danger of damaging vital parts. You can also use the power-soak as a "second" speaker and reduce the power to 25W.


The built-in original spring reverb tank causes the amp to expand with a great range of vintage reverb textures.

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