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Korg: AX1000G modelling processor

AX1000G official product page - REMS (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) is KORG's proprietary modeling technology for digitally reproducing the complex tonal changes caused by the resonance of an acoustic guitar, the cabinet of a guitar amp, the effects of the air through which the sound spreads, and the electrical characteristics of a vacuum tube or transistor circuit (effects). The AX1000G's 56 types of modeling effects cover numerous vintage compressor, overdrive, distortion, echo, reverb, and wah units that are expensive and difficult to obtain. Numerous simulations are provided, including the fat sound of tube amps, the raucous fuzz sound of the '70s, and the metallic distortion of the '90s. In the drive-amp section, "REMS" supports the hybrid gain structure developed by KORG. You even get unique lo-fi effects such as a tape echo that simulates the unique distortion produced by magnetic tape and the unstable pitch caused by irregularities in rotation speed. The Cabinet effect gives you a wide range of simulations that cover both vintage amps and modern designs, down to every detail of cabinet shape and speaker characteristic. The expression pedal lets you control eleven types of pedal effect in realtime-not only volume and wah, but also unique sounds like pitch bend and traveler (filter). Power-Paced Practise with the Phase Trainer - You can record up to 16 seconds from a CD/MD player or cassette, and then slow down the playback to as little as 25% of the original speed without affecting the pitch- an ideal way to learn rapid solos or difficult phrases by ear.The recorded phrase can also be looped for playback, allowing you to listen repeatedly. Plus, you can even hold a specific note. The built-in metronome is also ideal for fine-tuning your sense of rhythm.

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