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Lexicon - MPX G2

Lexicon MPX G2 Guitar Effects Processor with two separate sections for bracketing an amp

Official product page: MPX G2 Guitar Effects Processor - excerpts:

A detailed picture will be available at Lexicon.com after 12/98.

Lets you put effects anywhere you want - in front of your amp, in its effects loop, or both. 2 separate audio paths let you place effects in front of your amp or in the amp's effects loop. [to do: check the .pdf manual, to determine block diagram for this split, this "2 separate audio paths"]

Speaker Simulator, so you can record direct using the MPX G2 as a programmable stand-alone analog preamp with effects. Can use it for recording direct, with no guitar amp. Use without an amp as a stand-alone preamp with effects.

All of the hardware of a custom guitar rig is built-in: a loop switcher with analog relay bypass, an effects router, analog and digital noise gates, chromatic tuner and an analog speaker simulator.

Direct Recording with the MPX G2 -- The MPX G2 is the most complete direct recording processor available for guitar. [but it still lacks the very most important component: a power tube - Michael] Its built-in fully programmable analog preamp will match or surpass any digital model. A complete set of presets, carefully crafted for stand alone applications includes a collection of over 20 different amps, each with the clarity and dynamics that can only be delivered by analog circuitry.

Can sort presets by application type (Stand Alone, Amp Input Only, Amp Input & Effects Loop):

The Amp Collection

MicPlacement (a program that lets you vary the position of a close microphone in front of a high-gain amp)

Each of the Studio Spaces and Studio Effects programs has an appropriate amp variation built in, but you can easily copy any of the sounds from the Amp Collection into any of the Studio Spaces or Studio Effects or you can use the MPX G2's built in analog speaker simulator with any external preamp or processor as the tone source for any of these recording treatments.

A library of 300 presets is organized under database control to let you quickly find programs designed for specific styles like Rock or Blues, or to find all of the programs using certain effects such as OverDrive, or to find only programs suitable for stand alone operation.

Effects Ordering and Routing -- The MPX G2 provides extremely flexible, independent effect ordering and routing within each program. Effects can be placed in any order, simply by "dragging and dropping" them on a simple visual map.

76 Analog and digital effects, as many as seven at once:

Authentic re-creations of vintage stomp boxes

Studio effects

[to do: Harmony Central user comments Effects database]

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