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Patch Wizard - Windows GUI for POD, Bass POD, Flextone II, AX2

Other photos from Leon at L.A. Line 6 user group:

Photos of DM-4, red Flextone amp

Links for Line 6 - leads to good amp tone MP3 samples

L.A. Line 6 user group meeting

Overview of Line 6 Products

Guitar Player review (local mirror saved) - Digital Dynasty: Five New Generation Modeling Amps. By Art Thompson. From Guitar Player, Dec. '99. Five digital amps. The Rocktron RepliTone and Yamaha DG80-112 receive Editors' Pick Awards.

AX2-212 $1199 110 watt 2x12 guitar combo, stereo. TubeTone classic tube modelling. Fully programmable. Digital stereo FX, 26 amp models, 5 stomp-box models, MIDI I/O, cabinet simulation output. Guitar Player April 1997. Floor Board foot ctroller $300. FB4 4-ch ftsw $79. software $99.

Line 6 has a strong online awareness, with many email addresses set up, including ideas at line6.com, info at line6.com.

Line 6 AX2 - Guitar Center price: $900

Official AX2 product page - excerpts:

Guitar Input Effects: Noise Gate; Hum Canceller; Compressor; Wah; Auto-Wah; Rando-Wah; Sample/Hold Wah; [excellent range of wah's. Is the regular wah digitally stepped/choppy like the DigiTech 2101's, or is it analog/smooth?] Volume; Distortion Pedal Type: choose from three distortion box models including Octave Box

Preamp: Bright Switch; 3-band pre EQ [yes!]; Drive; Amp Model Select (choose from 26 Amp Models including new AX2 Signature Sounds: AX2 Clean, AX2 Crunch, AX2 Drive, and AX2 Layer, plus an expanded set of Amp Models that emulate the sounds of classic amplifiers); 5-band Graphic EQ [good number of bands]; Bass/Mid/Treble Tone Controls; Presence

Effects Processor: Auto-Volume; Mono, Stereo Chorus; Mono, Stereo Flange; Phasor; Freq Mod [?]; Stereo Rotary Speaker; Ring Modulator; Mono, Vibrato;Mono, Stereo Tremolo; Mono, Stereo, Ping-Pong and Multi-Tap Delay; Dynamic Delay; Tap Tempo Delay; Tape Echo; Room, Hall, and Physically Modeled Spring Reverb; Stereo Spread; Cabinet Emulator (choose from 1 x 12", 2 x10", 2 x 12", 4 x 10", and 4 x 12" emulations); Built-In Digital Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Aux Input: Aux Level; Bass EQ; Treble EQ [interesting]; Reverb Amount

AxSys to AX2 Conversion Kit

Line 6 user reviews at Harmony Central - amp section

AX2 GUI Control Software Available

AX2 Editor

To: Michael
Subject: AX2 Editor

>Hello Michael.

>Thanks for adding a cool link to your web site. The editor is doing well. I have sold as many copies overseas than I have in the states. I didn't know Line6 got around so much!

>Thank you,

>Steve Thomas

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