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Line 6 - Bass POD Pro

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official product page - "a classic collection of digitally modeled bass amps and cabs � and easy access to essential tools for bass recording and pre-amplification in a 2U rack-mount system with enough connectivity for the most demanding recording professionals. Bass POD Pro delivers the most sought-after bass amp tones, including the Ampeg SVT and B-15, the Marshall Major and Plexi Super Bass, SWR, Versatone and the Vox AC 100, along with an assortment of cabinet models and digital effects. Bass POD Pro features 16 Bass Amp Models, 15 Bass Cabinet Models, and A.I.R.�Line 6 �s proprietary technique for simulating the complex interaction of microphones and speaker cabinets. Sixteen digital effect combinations, specifically designed for bass, include Distortions, Phasers, Flanger, Envelope Follower and Octave Divider. The amp/cab combinations can be used as is, or mixed and matched to create custom sounds. 36 programmable channels are provided for storage of custom amp/cabs/effects. Unique Dual Outputs (modeled and direct) give Bass POD Pro an edge in recording bass guitar � allowing studio mixes of direct bass and modeled, miked bass amps. The 16 effects, always available on the modeled output � can be applied or not to the direct output. With 1/4 inch and XLR analog outputs, AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs, effects loops, and a line level input and output (great for re-amping or processing non-bass sources). Bass POD Pro is perfect for professional recording and live performance. Equipped with ToneTransfer �, Bass POD Pro sounds can be seamlessly transferred to any other Bass POD Pro or Bass POD, allowing sounds to be ported easily from rehearsal to studio to stage and new sounds to be acquired through the Line 6 ToneTransfer Web Library. "

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