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Line 6 - POD processor

LXH2: POD guts - LXH2 - POD oscope pics

Other photos from Leon at L.A. Line 6 user group:

Photos of DM-4, red Flextone amp

Patch Wizard - Windows GUI for POD, Bass POD, Flextone II, AX2

Free emagic Sound Diver GUI software for POD and Flextone II - gives you deep editing control from your computer. Win/Mac.

Official product page for POD Pro - Line 6

POD connection techniques

In alt.guitar.amps Damien Harrison wrote: > Michael wrote: >>You can't really get great tone by simply putting a POD in front of a standard tube amp, because then you would have a speaker roll-off emulator in series with an actual guitar speaker -- and the POD doesn't enable you to switch off the speaker emulator, does it?

>Yes it does! It does if you set the A.I.R switch in "Amp" position AND UNPLUG THE HEADPHONES! With phones connected the switch has no effect (strange), the A.I.R is always in use with them.

>The POD has two tube pre amp emulations, one is an emulation of a Soldano (guitar) pre amp and the other is meant for recording and warming other than guitar sounds. So I guess both of them can be used with good results together with a tube power amp.

- Mikko

> Harro.

POD Sites

PODTalk discussion site: http://www.podtalk.com

Craig Anderton's POD sampling setup for raves

Malhavok's Line 6 page

POD vs. J-Station at dthraco.com.

mp3 samples for Korg AX1000G, Sansamp GT2, and POD 2.

POD demo by GuitarSarah is interesting.

Related to Line 6: Flextone amp ($800), AxSys or AX2 amp ($1200). See also Line 6 Amp Farm software.

Line 6 official product page (POD, Distortion Modeller, FlexTone, AmpFarm) - excerpts from POD page:

The same TubeTone modelling technology is used in the POD processor, the Amp Farm software, and Flextone amps. POD brings the Line 6 digital modelling technology to direct-recording guitarists. Line 6's TubeTone modeling technology provides POD with a wide variety of sounds and effects modeled after some of the most popular sounds of classic amps. POD is a direct recording tool. Uniquely shaped, fully programmable stereo desktop unit. Delivers a wide range of amp tones and authentically recreates the sound of miked speaker cabinets. Recording mindblowing guitar tracks with full-volume punch and "air" is now a hassle-free, instant reality, without disturbing your neighbors, waking the kids or driving your significant other up the wall.

POD has speaker, cabinet, and mic simulation, as well as the patented TubeTone digital modeling technology found in the revolutionary AX2 212 and Flextone Series Digital Guitar Amplifier Systems and Amp Farm Plug-In for Pro Tools TDM. POD offers recording musicians a deep, inspirational sonic palette. Guitarists familiar with the knob-driven Flextone Series Combo Amplifiers will recognize the POD feature set of sixteen TubeTone Amp Models and sixteen pro quality digital effects setups arranged on separate knobs. With the recording environment in mind, POD offers more extensive programmibility via MIDI- adjustable parameters. The complete POD package includes a CD-ROM with Emagic's Sound Diver MIDI Editing software for both PC and Mac platforms. Studio life for musicians who record guitar should be a tone filled, hassle-free joy. Using POD, you instantly get the direct guitar tones Guitar Player Magazine recently hailed as sounding " ...like you're playing through a miked amplifier in the next room - no, make that a great vintage amp expertly miked by an ace engineer." Recording projects demand tonal variety and flexibility, so POD ships with PC and Mac compatible editing software allowing access to additional TubeTone Amp Models and effects parameters control via MIDI.

POD's direct tone is the result of Line 6's breakthrough A.I.R. direct recording output - an acoustically integrated cabinet/ speaker/ microphone emulation technology, the result of intensive research and careful study of the tonal characteristics produced by the interaction of amplifiers, cabinets, speakers and microphones during the recording process. The direct output of many preamps, amplifiers and direct box style amp replacements available today offer limited cabinet simulation or speaker emulation. Those that happen to be more than simple high end rolloffs have little or no control options. Most designs also ignore the significant tonal contribution of microphone selection placement. POD's combination of TubeTone Amp Models and A.I.R. technology provides superior direct tones by recreating ALL the elements contributing to a great recorded guitar sound.

POD has more amp models than the Flextone amps but fewer than the AX2. From the front panel the POD amp types are:

·         POD Clean

·         POD Crunch

·         POD Drive

·         POD Layer

·         Small Tweed

·         Tweed Blues

·         Black Panel

·         Modern Class A

·         British Class A

·         British Blues

·         British Classic

·         British Hi Gain

·         Rectified

·         Modern Hi-Gain

·         Fuzz Box

·         Tube Preamp

From the MIDI editor you can access many of the AX2 amp models like Boutique and California Crunch. POD does not, however, have the acoustic guitar simulations that the AX2 has.

4) What built-in effects does POD have? How many are available simultaneously?

In addition to the TubeTone Amp Models and miked cabinet simulations, POD has a built-in digital effect section.

The Delay and Reverb are always available, so you can choose Tremolo/Delay/Reverb or Chorus/Delay/Reverb or Compressor/Delay/Reverb, etc. The effect list above cannot be combined though. For example you can't use Compressor with Rotary, or Tremolo with Flanger. You've got the picture, 3 high-quality effects at a time... along with the best direct guitar sounds you've ever heard.

4) The POD effects are similar to the Flextone amplifiers, but I want more parameter adjustment like the AX2. Is this possible?

Yes, via MIDI. Again, POD ships with PC and Mac compatible editing software. Just hook up a MIDI cable between your computer and POD's MIDI input and you'll have control over in-depth parameters like Reverb Diffusion, independent Left & Right Delay Regeneration, and Speaker Cabinet Type. Once you've edited all these parameters just hit the Save button on POD and you can take that sound with you anywhere.

5) Will POD work with Line 6's pedals like the Floor Board or FB4?

Yes, there's an RJ-45 connector on the back of POD for live use with our pedalboards. If you use a Floor Board you'll be able to remotely control POD's built-in Wah pedal modeling for example. In addition, you'll be able to access POD's Tuner mode remotely. An FB4 provides straightforward channel switching.

6) Can POD be used in front of my guitar amp instead of as a direct recording device?

The POD miked cabinet modeling (A.I.R) can be switched off from the front panel so that POD can take over the tonality of a guitar amp (just like in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers). Just put POD between your guitar and any guitar amp input for an incredible flexible live tone. If you want to maintain the TubeTone modeling accuracy, we suggest you take POD's LEFT/MONO out into your amp's Effect Return. This bypasses your conventional amp's preamp tonality and uses just your power amp section.

7) Can I use POD in an effect loop?

The single word answer is "No." POD's input is at guitar pickup level instead of line level. For recording though, POD was designed with the mixing board in mind- if you want to try POD as an outboard effect at your console you'll open up some mind-bending possibilities. Lower the effect send on your guitar input channel and keep an eye on POD's clip indicator. You'll be able to track your guitar dry (no distortion, no effects, no cab sim, nothing) and then mix using POD. This means you can change Amp Models or Drive amount AFTER you've finished recording the guitar track.

Links for Line 6 - leads to good amp tone MP3 samples

L.A. Line 6 user group meeting

POD Processor. The brains of the Flextone amp, available as a separate unit. Widely available early 1999.

Line 6 user reviews at Harmony Central - fx section

Line 6 user reviews at Harmony Central

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Newsgroup threads about POD and Line

descriptions of the amp models - patches also.

newsgroup threads comparing POD and J-Station

Links for Line 6 - leads to good amp tone MP3 samples

L.A. Line 6 user group meeting

Photos of DM-4, red Flextone amp

Dmitri's POD page has amp tone MP3s

MP3s of POD vs. J-Station

MP3s of POD vs. preamp Out jack of Fender Deluxe - but so what? A solid-state preamp can sound like the tube preamp of the Fender Deluxe. Fine, but this is just a preamp comparison. The only really relevant comparison is the POD with spk sim vs. the miked Fender amp, with saturating power tubes interacting with a speaker pushing air.

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