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McIntyre/Actodyne -- Lace Electro-Furniture JDS Model-A 2x12 combo, $3000 -- uses Bluesmaker MKII SPL-3 3 watt x 2 tube power amp w/ load, spk sim (was $500)

Due to licensing arrangements related to the Signature 284, the Bluesmaker standalone rackmount tube amp is no longer available. The Electro-Lace combo might still be available. The Lexicon Signature 284 low-power stereo tube amp (3 watts x 2), $1000 is designed by the same designer.

Official page for Actodyne/McIntyre products

Designed by John McIntyre, who has been modifying and building guitar amplifiers for years. His articles in Guitar Player magazine on amplification mods have set standards in tone excellence. Actodyne General Inc. has teamed up with John to create a line of amplifiers based on his original "Bluesmaker" series. Designed for the guitarist, who demands tonal variations not found on conventional low powered amplifiers. The Bluesmaker MKII is a masterpiece of complex tone voicings with radical new tone complexity in the midrange area. Long known for guitar tone enhancement, designer John McIntyre has designed new proprietary tone circuitry that is cutting edge vacuum technology. You can make your guitar feed back even at low levels. The key to great tone is having great power tube distortion. The Bluesmaker MKII provides great power tube distortion at volume levels that won't make your head cave in. This makes the amp perfect for home studio, or apartment playing. Class A operation assures rich harmonics and a warm tone.

Bluesmaker reviewed in Guitar Player, May 1994, page 58. [investigate]

Electro-Lace Furniture

Official page for Lace Electro-Furniture

Housed in hand rubbed and carved alder, the Lace Electro-Furniture JDS Model-A is, as Guitar Player Magazine put it, the ultimate in retro-housed amplification. $2995.00 list.

Also available on that page: close-ups of the Electro-Furniture ads.

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