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Studio 15 (4001) .wav power tube saturation samples. 6V6. TS10 poverdrive pedal. Built-in 1x12" speaker.

Tube combo amps have drawbacks for power-tube saturation and hard-driven speaker sound. It's good to have a tube power amp that is separate from the speaker cabinet which is being miked.

A Marshall combo amp format with power-tube saturation (as Marshalls are intended to be run) is especially great for one thing: developing preamp-tube microphonic feedback.

To avoid microphonics and enable speaker cabinet isolation, it is best to use a separate head and cab, or separate tube power amp and guitar speaker cabinet.

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posted: Ideas for amp tone samples online? -- What would the ideal amp tone samples be? I have made several mixes of amp tone samples from albums over the years. Best would be guitar in isolation, no other instruments - to hear the Tone most clearly. I'm surprised by how rough today's amp tone samples on the web are. I have a lot of experience with hi-fi MP3 and MiniDisc compression, but I still am having a lot of difficulty making MP3s of amp tone recordings without introducing lots of glitchy artifacts.

Miking is a skill in itself, and requires some gear. A great start is these books, which I am studying:
Getting Great Guitar Sounds
Recording the Guitar
The Recording Guitarist

What amp tone samples *should* be available on the Web? There is room for very different approaches. I found a way to probe or feed an impulse to a tube power amp to assess its Tone transfer function. Since most Tone parameters are involved with EQ, I wanted to normalize away and eliminate EQ as a factor in comparing two tube amps. So I did:
eq 1
eq 2
power tubes
eq 3

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