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Manufacturers: I'm 2 or 3 years behind in adding the links and fixes you asked for.I'll try to take the time to make these changes.Dec. 2005

Copyright Notice, and why it benefits you to mention Amptone.com -- new July 29, 2006

Eddie Van Halen's rig and Tone techniques -- Updated July 29, 2006. Added note about preamp-centric vs. power-tube-centric distortion voicing, and a more relevant analysis of the Script button on the MXR Phase 90 than any review I've seen.

VOX - Valvetronix AD60VT, AD120VT -- Updated July 29, 2006. Added a summary of how the Valvetronix amp needs to be improved for next-generation valve-based modelling technology.

Amptone.com Excellent Design Awards � broke this out into a separate page July 29, 2006



Native Instruments - Guitar Rig � amp sim software.Link added July 28, 2006.This product didn't exist when I did my early survey of amp sim software.

Vinteck guitar-gear switcher company: in http://www.amptone.com/switchers.htm, added http://vinteck.com/ -- Vinteck, Italy; Guido Michetti.�� English site -- new link Dec. 2005

AxeTrak (ext) - speaker isolation cabinet.new link, 6/17/04

Using 2 EQ Pedals and a Power Attenuator with an Amp or Processor - new page 10/3/03

MXR - M-108 Ten Band EQ (ext) - 10-band EQ pedal, now with bypass footswitch and Gain control. MXR108, M108.Search Web. - new link 10/2/03.

VocalBooth - Amplifier Enclosure (ext) - Search Web - new link, 10/2/03
VocalBooth - Industrial Applications (ext)

VHT - Valvulator - very low-power guitar amp, using a 12AX7 as power tube.Search Web.Link added Oct. 1, 2003.

Smart Sound Direct - Hermit (ext) - Search Web.Double-layered, nonresonant, multi-miked speaker isolation cabinet, 10" spk

Kingsley Amplifiers - Overdrive Series (ext) - Slave Out designed to cascade power-tube distortion into another amp

Gerhart Amplification - Gilmore 1/2-W amp (ext), Gilmore Jr. 1/2-W amp kit (ext) - Mar 2003

Carr - Mercury (ext) - 8-watt tube amp with attenuation to 2, 0.5, and 0.1 watts.Search Web. - Feb 2003

Books about Getting Guitar Sounds - books and videos that instruct guitarists how to hook-up guitar gear and use guitar gear to dial-in, emulate, and reproduce desired sounds. This is the main list of amp tone books.Jan 2003.

Using a Wall-Mounted Speaker Attenuator as a Guitar Amp Power Attenuator - Jan 2003.

Weber - Load Dump (low-power version) (ext) - An elegantly simple inline power attenuator with Volume Control and bass/treble boost. - added Jan 2003.

Weber - Load Dump (high-power version) (ext) - Due Jan. 2003.Has features like the THD Hot Plate, but a different approach to boosting bass and treble.150-watt unit in the same size enclosure as the MASS. Switchable 2, 4, 8, and 16 impedances, variable balanced DI output, fixed and variable attenuation.

Weber - MASS (ext) - coneless speaker-based power attenuator with adjustable-EQ line-out jack. - added Jan 2003.

True "Secret" of Amp Tone - EQ>Dist and Power Attenuators - using a Tube amp to do practical amp modelling - Jan. 2003

Using a Power Attenuator with a Mic'd Isolated Guitar Speaker in a Home Studio - least compromise, most Tone & Tone range - Jan. 2003

VOX - Valvetronix AD60VT, AD120VT - added notes about tone stack placement, adding outboard EQ pedals, and attenuating below 1 watt.Jan 2003.

"The Auble amp [ext link]- The 1 1/2 Watt combo amp isn't listed online yet. The other amps in the series are pentode/triode switchable and vary between 3 1/2 Watts - 12 Watts depending on mode and tubes. Fat Sound Guitars online might be the only place you can get Auble amps. Marc Auble lives in Cary, NC, the same town as Fat Sound.The amp by Auble rated at 1 &1/2 Watts sounded great and can produce good overdrive, even w/single coils. It wasn't as fat sounding as the EL84 model, which sounds like a baby Marshall stack.The tone and harmonics are better than anything this size I have heard. Smaller than the Blues Jr.Has a Celestion Vintage speaker.$899." -- Roy A. in NC, Jan 2003.

Ruby/Tone Bone - Plug & Play Tube Adapters -- like THD Yellow Jackets. Added Jan. 2002

Metasonix - TM-4 (ext) - pedal-sized, low-power stereo tube power amp. Fall 2002.

Gjika Mini Amp Power Tube Distortion Pedal (Higgins Production Services) - At Picturetrail.com look up Garbud for pics. Pedal-sized. Fall 2002.

Gibson - Goldtone GA-15RV (ext) - 15W/6W tube combo amp

Seymour Duncan - SFX-01 Pickup Booster (ext) - comparable to a quiet 1-band semiparametric EQ pedal, marketed as for pre-distortion placement

Z-Vex - NanoHead (ext) - 1/2-Watt tube power amp, pedal-sized. Announced 11/15/02.

Sequis - Motherload - April 2002

Amplitube plug-in (ext) - 2002 - amp & fx emulation software

DIY Power Soak Bypass Box - 10/1/2001

Emery Sound - Half-Watt Amp - 3/31/2001

LegendaryTones.com - amp tone site, including excellent early Van Halen rig info.

DigiTech - Genesis3 - Jan 2001

BOSS - GP-20 Amp Factory - Jan 2001

Zoom - GFX-4 - floor processor with VAMS, new 1/2001

Fender - Cyber-Twin - Jan 2001

BOSS - EQ-20 Advanced EQ - Jan 2001

Aiken Amps - Afterburner - Feb 2001

Alien Connections - ReValver - Jan 2001


Home (amp tone and effects placement)