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Peavey: Autograph II

There is almost no info at the Peavey site. These appear to be some MIDI eq's:

Autograph, CEQ 28, CEQ 28R, AEQ 2800, Automate

Ad page 25 Guitar Player Aug 1994, which I have. MIDI 1-rackspace 28-band graphic EQ. Built-in RTA, pink noise generator, room sampling, storagge for 6 target and 128 venue curves, feedback finder. 1/3 octave. constant q filters, standard ISO centers. Peavey PVR-1 reference mic sold sep. Can store curve from another mic and use it for the RTA. Curve Compare function. Glitchless program changes. Electronically balanced in/out. 40 Hz low-cut filter. 5-50kHz response. Out noise less than -94dBv. +/- 6/12 dB cut/boost ranges. Software security lock. Relay/power-off bypass. MIDI linking. $500 list.

Spotted an original Autograph at http://www.magdonmusic.com/used.htm for $250. I don't know if it's MIDI.

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