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Transformer 112 amp. Analog-based modelling amp.

"Models and simulates characteristics of well-known amps. Transforms the analog preamp and power amp by using different circuitry to achieve each classic tone that today�s musician desires. Sounds and feels like any amp you would ever want, but is as easy to operate as that old "tube-burner" you already have."

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>I was checking out your website - pretty cool! I've got it bookmarked. I'm one of the designers of the Peavey Transformer, and I put an "unofficial" web page up on my ISP server. If you'd like to provide a link to it on http://www.amptone.com/peaveytransformer.htm, here's the URL:

Unofficial Peavey Transformer Web Page by a designer of the Peavey Transformer. Lists the models emulated.

Peavey Transformer Series.

Peavey amp products page.


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