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Peavey VC/L-2 Valve Compressor with EL84

Peavey VC/L-2 Valve Compressor with EL84. [to do: research: is there a way to overdrive this EL84 rather than just getting compression?] $1249. Peavey Tube Sweetener - what is it? does it have an EL84? I just read in a Guitar Player issue that the Byrds' 8 Miles High lead was recorded through a compressor direct-to-board! I read elsewhere that his 12-string guitar had a bass-cut. So try that: 12-string, bass cut, then a compressor particularly one like this Valve Compressor, then direct-to-board. The playing on that song is so tweaked, I wouldn't be surprised if this "definitive tube-amp saturation" was really a tube compressor. I will certainly keep an eye out for the Peavey VC/L-2 Valve Compressor with EL84!

Peavey's dual channel VC/L2 all valve compressor/limiter contains no solid state devices in the audio chain with an EL84 valve and an electro-luminescent panel at its heart. The latter is claimed to offer the best aspects of bulbs and LEDs. There are two 12AX7s for each channel while their output stages use a two-stage 12AT7 valve for a +20dBm output. Inputs and outputs are transformer balanced with 1/4-inch jacks provided for instrument and line inputs. Peavey, US. Tel: +1 601 483 5365.

At the AES Nov 1997, Peavey debuted its first all-tube, dual channel VC/L-2 Valve Compressor/Limiter, which complements the company's VMP2 all-tube mic preamplifier introduced last year. Peavey claims the VC/L-2 contains no solid state opto-isolators, opto-couplers or opto-diodes. The unit features an EL84 tube and custom electro-luminescent panel. There are two 12AX7 tubes for each channel and the output stage of each channel uses a two-stage 12AT7 tube, which results in a +20dBm output. Retail price on the VC/L-2 is $1,299.99.

news at harmony central - excerpts:

Peavey Introduces VC/L-2TM Valve Compressor/Limiter MERIDIAN, MS Peavey Electronics Corporation is excited to announce the all-tube, dual channel VC/L-2TM Valve Compressor/Limiter, featuring our exclusive OptoDynamics system. With OptoDynamics, compression & limiting is much more natural and transparent than with solid-state designs. The VC/L-2 contains absolutely NO solid-state devices in the audio chain. For example, there are no solid-state opto-isolators, opto-couplers, or opto-diodes. The "heart" of this design features an EL84 tube and a custom (and expensive) electro-luminescent panel. This design has many advantages over other opto-isolator systems. Regular bulbs, for example, take time to heat up the filament and create light, and cannot respond instantly to signal changes. LEDs respond more quickly, but do not have a smooth response curve from full off to full on, and do not offer the natural attack and decay characteristics of the light bulb. Electro-luminescent panels provide the best aspects of bulbs and LEDs-a faster response than a bulb, yet with smooth and more musical gain control! The second part of the OptoDynamics system is the warmth derived from the tube audio chain. There are two 12AX7s (four stages) for each channel that provide serious advantages over inexpensive VCA designs, which typically sound "cold" and are prone to hiss & distortion. The output stage of each channel is a "power amp" design that uses a two-stage 12AT7 tube, which results in a +20 dBm output capability. The warmth of tube processing is legendary and provides the famous sound originally only available from vintage products. To ensure optimum gain, the VC/L-2 XLR inputs and XLR outputs are transformer balanced ("triple" magnetic shielding). Additionally, 1/4" inputs/outputs are provided for instrument or line inputs. Available in a two-channel, two rack-space design, the VC/L-2 is the perfect addition to any recording project that needs the smooth compression/limiting that is only available from an all-tube design. The VC/L-2 compressor/limiter is the unit of choice when a sonic challenge arises in your recording process that can only be solved with an all-tube design. Whether you need to produce smooth vocals, fix a lifeless snare drum, erase muddy lows from a bass, add "punch" to an acoustic guitar performance, or for a myriad of other applications, the VC/L-2 OptoDynamics system provides complete management over your audio dynamics.

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