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Post Phase-Invertor Master Volume

Studio 84 H&K -- I have a hunch this amp may have some sort of power attenuation, the ability to produce power-tube saturation at any SPL.

[Seymour Duncan Convertible]

>Seymour Duncan Convertible 100 amps are variable wattage output, on amp control pot, or controlable with a volume pedal (jack for remote). Selectable: 5 =96 100 watts in pentode or 3 =96 60 watts in triode. Other unusal features, too.

Actually not variable power, just a different sort of master volume control. A triode is connected across the output of the phase splitter and varying the power control varies the DC bias on this triode turning it on more or less; thus acting as a variable shunt. At the lowest power settings, the triode is conducting the hardest and therefore provides a fairly low impedance directly across the output of the phase splitter, allowing very little signal to be developed across the grid resistors of the output tubes.

Juel E. Rowden
Rowden Sound
Spokane, WA

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