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Power-Tube Saturation Pedals

See also Design for a Power-Tube Saturation Pedal.

Hughes & Kettner makes 1/3-rackspace processors containing a power tube, output transformer, inductive load, and speaker simulator, for line-level *power-tube* saturation.

Koch: Pedaltone - preamp tube into dummy load

H&K Crunch Master (aka "Blues Master") (1/3-rack)

My Crunch Master page

ADA Ampulator (rackmount)

My Ampulator page

There are other new power-tube saturation pedals; see the product table at the home page. _
pts ped [cream machine] "Corner Link"
To: Michael at amptone.com
Subject: Power tube distortion
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 15:40:19 +0800

>Have you tried the Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine? I've been using one for 9 or 10 years. It has 2 tubes, preamp and power amp, individually adjustable. No eq but I run it into a guitar amp and use its eq and output volume controls. Great tone at any volume. [Koch Pedaltone]

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