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Anderton: Quadrafuzz

Quadrafuzz software plug-in

Preamp distortion voicing: Anderton's QuadraFuzz

Craig Anderton's Quadrafuzz

This device distorts each quarter of the frequency spectrum independently.

QuadraFuzz kit at PAiA. I hope they make this kit a pre-assembled unit.

Compare distorting each string independently. Use a 6-coil pickup and 6 separate distortion boxes going into 6 guitar amplifiers.

Or, simply have 6 guitarists, each one dedicated to playing one string. Then mix the 6 amps, cabinets, and mics together at the mixing board.

Notice the distinctions:

o Quadrafuzz divides the spectrum into bands, before distortion, and distorts each band independently.

o 6-coil pickup divides the guitar output into 6 independent strings, going into 6 independent distortion boxes.

o Frequency-independent distortion divides the spectrum into infinite bands, sending them to an infinite number of distortion boxes.

The QuadraFuzz for guitar - distorts each quarter of the spectrum independently. Excerpts from this page:

The QuadraFuzz for guitar. I liked the sound of "hex" guitar, hex pickups, but that was too clean and regular distortion was too dirty. So I took the guitar, split it into four separate frequency bands, distorted each one individually, and then mixed them together again. What happened was, you ended up with much cleaner-sounding chords. It wasn't a sea of noise, but a very focused kind of distortion sound. There is still no commercially available equivalent of that, although it's now a plug-in for Steinberg's Cubase VST. So the only way I was going to get that kind of effect was to build it myself.

When I was ten years old, my grandmother gave me a transistor radio kit and my parents gave me a guitar. And my life of course was set from that point on. I just got into electronics more and more.

I always used keyboard amps and power amps to get my sound before it hit the amplifier, because it was just too chancy to have your entire sound dependent on something like a 1962 Fender Twin Reverb. If the tubes weren't in a good mood, you were in trouble. So I'd always go through the cleanest possible system and generate all my distortion and amp emulation electronically. I really got burned out on tubes in the sixties, because the quality at that point was just so terrible.

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Quadrafuzz plug-in

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