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December 6, 2000 -- Washburn International announces the Randall Isolation. Allows musicians and engineers to deliver the true sound of their instruments in a noiseless [that is, less noisy - mh] environment. Isolates your sound from ambient noise and effectively controls your tone in PA applications. For recording and live mic applications. A speaker is mounted in a completely closed, hinged cabinet with a microphone suspended inside. The cab has 1/4" in and outs (for looping purposes) as well as a mic out to go to the board. [2 mic mounts and 2 mic sockets on the plate, like the Demeter "stereo" option, would be better -- it enables running a condenser and dynamic mic to the board, with optional phase inversion, then mixing the two mics together, for radical shaping of the response - mh] No longer do you need to mic your guitar cabinet and expect the soundman to hear every other instrument on stage. Simply run a line from your guitar or bass head, plug it into the Isolation, and you�re ready to go. For recording, Isolation lets you record your amp full out, reflecting your true tone-- without waking the neighbors.

Two models are available: the Isolation 10 for bass, featuring an Eminence speaker, and the Isolation 12 for guitar, featuring a Celestion Vintage 30, or a Randall Jaguar Vintage 60.

Isolation 10: $399.90
Isolation 12 (Celestion): $499.90
Isolation 12 (Jaguar): $399.90

Computer aided design has enabled a "neutral" guitar or bass enviroment.

The ISOLATION 10 (for bass) features an Eminence Pro Series speaker

The ISOLATION� 12 (for guitar) features a Jaguar Vintage 60 or optional Celestion Vintage 30.

Built-in casters and a retractable handle.

Get ISOLATION� at a Randall dealer. Call 1-800-USSOUND for your nearest Randall retailer.

Randall Amplifiers, a Division of Washburn International
444 East Courtland Street | Mundelein, IL 60060
Phone: 1-800 US SOUND (877-6863)
OR 847-949-0444 | Fax: 847-949-8444
Washburn International World Wide Web www.washburn.com

Isolation boxes generally have a slight bass reduction, as heard by the mic, because bass waves are long, such as 16 feet, and can't fully develop in such a small space. - mh

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