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http://www.artistpro.com/CourseList.cfm - Recording info online, including Recording the Guitar.Free.Requires registration like a mag. subscription.Content by Bill Gibson, author of the best-selling MixBooks series, The Audio Pro Home Recording Course.With MP3 samples.

John Sayers: The Recording Manual - A Guide for the Home Recording Artist

Recording gear announcements at betterguitar.com - includes some PODish stuff

Reed Kotler transcribing tools - learn by ear from your favorite recordings.

GuitarFX realtime fx processing

Audio recording FAQ

Guitar Geek - Diagrams guitar rigs, plus some discussions on home recording.

Radio Shack PZM info [just a thought. I'd like to know what sort of cheap condenser mic could be used in a 5-15 watt speaker isolation cabinet, to get more high-treble than the SM57, without the mic breaking.]

Digital Home Recording - Sound Card Survival With Windows 95 by Craig Anderton. "More and more musicians are building digital "desktop" studios by sticking cards in their PCs and loading in software that provides not just MIDI sequencing, but hard disk audio recording. ...like a 90s version of the cassette-based multitrack... all PC-based sound setups have certain limitations..."

The Recording Website - Tips and tricks on getting the best results.

The Home Recording Web Site _

MP3 is currently underutilized for guitar sample clips, but the guitar and the Web multimedia capability are a perfect match. Here is a use of Web-based audio and video for guitar instruction.

Crossroads - crossroads-guitar.com - A new way to learn to play guitar with steaming videos, sound clips, tablature, live on-line lessons and much more.

Amptone.com ultra gear-search page

Home (amp tone and effects placement)