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> What amps amps and pedals/effects units did Slash use for the Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion albums? And what was his live setup?

Jeanmi wrote:
His setup for his main tone is always pretty much the same (studio or live):

He sometimes changes guitar, use a Talkbox, a chorus, and a bit of delay (into effect loop too).

His tone is mostly the Boss EQ boosting the mids on the lead channel of a jubilee (very particular marshall head).

Some postings say Slash only uses a an amp and eq. You should always wonder if the EQ is before the preamp distortion or after it. One posting says he kicks in an EQ to boost mids for leads. This strongly implies the secret convention eq->dist. People tend to ignore an EQ pedal... but it is the most important effect for controlling Basic Tone, when used before preamp distortion.

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